CrossFit FAQ's

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. What does that mean? We prepare you to be fit enough to do just about anything by making you an extremely well rounded athlete.

Do I need to be in good shape to start CrossFit?
Psssh... NO! That's why we are here! We are here to help you get as fit as possible, as fast as possible! When you walk through our door you will receive elite fitness coaching. It's possible that you may need the workouts to be scaled to your current level of fitness. We estimate that 80% of the time we have to modify the workouts for our members. Since everyone does it, it's no big deal. I promise you won't be judged for it!. CrossFit can be adapted to all ages and ability levels and has proven success with children, elite athletes, older adults, and the physically impaired.

Is this a 'gym' like I'm used to?
Nope. We’re not like Snap Fitness or the YMCA. You can’t come in, put on your iPod, and do your own thing. A CrossFit gym is a community; a family that sweats and suffers, laughs with, supports and holds each other accountable. You don’t pay to use the equipment; you pay to get results - in your body and your mind. To do that, we all work out together and you get a lot of coaching.

I recently suffered an injury, can I still train?
Absolutely! The worst thing you can do when you get hurt is neglect the rest of your body. Shoulder injury? You still have a good arm, your core/torso, 2 legs and a heart that would love stay strong why you rehab your bum limb. Always ask your doctor to explain the exercises/activities that you CAN do, and not simply the things that you can't! We can always find a way to help you make progress and look great without causing pain to your injury, and more importantly do our best to make it better in the process.

Do women do CrossFit?
You bet they do! Here is a quote from Cathy Draper, mother of 4, Crossfit Faction member. 'With CrossFit you never know what you're going to do each day. You try things you would have never thought of! You do things with your body you never thought you could do. Everyone is working out in a similar way so we all feel each others pain (ie., working our tails off) and everyone is so supportive. I like that the coaches are always there to help. It's nice to not have to rely on machines; your body IS the machine! It's the most efficient way to exercise. I'm hooked!'

**FAQ's courtesy of CrossFit Faction and CrossFit Fully Involved**
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